The adventures of an American student in Ireland

The long-awaited First Post.

Hello world!

I’ve been in Ireland for almost three weeks now (to which I say, “what?!”), and realize I have been very slow to get this blog rolling. So, here is the long-awaited First Post (capital “F,” capital “P”).

Since there is no way to possibly fit three weeks into one post, I’ll be playing catch up the next few posts on what I’ve been up to. Also, I’m figuring out the whole flickr thing, so that’s where you can find all the photos. (I’m trying to find the best place to store my photos beside using just facebook–suggestions are always welcome!)

The obligatory reasoning for the delay of this blog’s launch: I’ve been busy! Working 10-5:30, going out and about on weekends, skyping with friends back home (or around the globe)…all solid reasons for not taking time to settle into wordpress and pump out some blog posts. For those of you who have been waiting, sorry! I’m here now!

This blog will not be a diary–I’m keeping one of those in a real, tangible journal. This is basically an outlet for logging my travels and photos. Trying to develop my photog skills, you know?

To hold you over for now, dear readers, here is my first blog post for Discover Ireland, “Retreating to Ireland: Burren yoga to castle cooking.”


One response

  1. Sandy Giel

    I am visiting Ireland in September this year for 3 weeks. Looking for relaxation and experiencing the culture of the Irish. I will be reading your posts often. Thanks for keeping us informed with your posts. Aloha. Sandy

    May 1, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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